Technical requirements for manuscripts

1. The material must be complete, and its parts must be properly arranged.
2. The material will be transferred as OpenDocument (ODF) files:
2A. Text as a .odt file with no charts or illustrations;
2B. Charts and as a .odt file;
2C. Illustrations as XCF or unpacked TIFF files that have a resolution of at least 300 dpi at the desired print size.
3. The document uses a single style for titles, subtitles and general text. To center the title or other text, centering is used instead of spaces or tabs.
4. There should not be more than one space between the words.
5. A line break may not be used inside the paragraph – it is only used at the end of the paragraph.
6. To emphasize words and names, spaces should not be used – it should be done using different text types (bold, italic) or, by increasing the letter spacing of the text.
7. A space is not preceded by a punctuation mark, after the punctuation, a space must be followed.
8. There are no spaces between pairs of characters (quotes, brackets) and the text between them.
9. In Internet and e-mail addresses do not use spaces.
10. No comments can be written in the source material, nor should the files contain “track changes” and similar functions or macros.