Archival research

We offer archival research service.
As a rule, Estonian archives issue information to private individuals on issues of interest to them, but it is limited to the volume of communications and does not provide large-scale research.
Service includes:
1. Searching for information from the archives that is of interest to the client (depending on available sources).
2. Transliteration of documents from gothic text.
3. Preparation of the data found as a pdf file; You can also order research as a printed book, either individually or exclusively for the customer, or available at bookstores.
4. The writing and, if necessary, publication of longer research papers on the basis of the client’s interest. See the example.
The remuneration is based on the hourly price, with the client themself determining how many hours can be used for research.
Price 10 € (euros) per hour, in case of large-scale surveys by agreement.
The customer must pay extra costs – remote loan archives, copies of documents and photographs, if desired; transport if necessary (research outside Tartu, etc.).